New Journal is...Up!

The new journal has gone live, as it were - I've gotten all the userpics, the colors, and alla that up. Added friends, joined communities, and gotten pretty much everything squared away. Only thing left to do is post date entries, and I decided to go ahead and give the new name and all now, as opposed to after I got all that done. So, enjoy, happy people.

Thank you, and goodnight!
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Plugging the homepage of a fiend of mine, ChocoZell. Not even HALF of her art is up here, but you can see an example at this page. Mmm...fairy orgy.

I pulled off the bit of pinky toe still hanging on. It was very very gross, and very very painful. *rubs her feet* I just know that my toes will revolt against me later today.

Leslie got a car today - traded in her old one for $2600 (amazing, considering that there is over 200,000 miles on that car!) and is now joining the "I gotta make payments" club to the tune of a mere $150 a month.

I shall be going with her to finalize the paperwork and maybe check out a few cars for myself around 8am, which should be fun. She graduates tomorrow, after the noon hour - My little sister, a full 7 years younger than I am, is graduating. Yes, I feel OLD. This fall she will be starting college, and if all goes might I. I'd like to take some courses in painting - I have never painted seriously before...I can do cel work and the like, but real honest to goodness paintings? Oh, for shame, the Drea does not know this.

The application to become a dispatcher for 911 is about a novel thick. But I must fill it out so that I might make with the happy $12/hour pay rate! I need a j-o-b. Period. Only two weeks at minimum left at EDS, IF they don't just outright fire all the Kelly employees for lookin' funny.

Oh, why am I home tonight? Because I went and came home sick. I was sneezing the whole way there, and sneezing there, and generally feeling like crap, and so out of it that I could barely ask the most basic of questions, and answer only a few more. When Vantive died and stayed dead, I knew it was time to go. So I went. And almost didn't make it home, swerving into the other lane when a particularly violent sneezing fit hit me. Thank God no one else was around, but still - scary.

Made a bunch more icons, and I think I have it all finalized for my new journal. Soon, I shall open it all up, prolly in a week or two once all the entries have been backdated. Should be fun. In the meantime though, pinup icon-o-rama! Instead of using my own art, I use pinups from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Go me!

And that is that.

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:: how jedi are you? ::

Aw yeah...dat's right.

I am so tired.

Work was draining, as usual. I really hate going. I hate being there, and hate talking to people. I tell a guy about the out of warranty stuff, and he just hangs up on me. I let some woman know that there's nothing wrong with her PC, and instead of a thanks, I get a "Well, AOL told me..."

I did play Pokemon with Richard though, which was nice. I hadn't played with my Pokemon cards in over a year, so...soon I will be selling them on ebay. I will ask another person at work who is very into them how much they are worth first though, so I have a good idea on how to price them. We shall see how much I get for 'em. I love the game, but...I have no one to play with, and they just take up space, right now.

My day started out bad because I had to waste 30 minutes of my get ready for work time talking with my car loan people, to cancel a payment and try to set up a half one. I ended up on the phone with what is possibly the snottiest bitch on the planet, who rather than help me set up a half payment told me to call back in two weeks and make a full one, then hung up on me.

When I have time, she too, shall die.

And I will be unemployed soon. With money and time on my hands. Hmmmm...

I think that most of tomorrow at work (if I stay the whole time) will be spent working on icons for my new LJ/ I will show you one of the icons here, the actual default icon, so that you may all revel in its glory. I love deco, so it works.

Anyway...I think I shall be off. My split toenail is about...halfway off. It is all wiggly. Soon, I will have to pull it off. When I do, I will take pictures.

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I am in the process of creating my new web journal - and boy, is it bloody well complicated. Got all the prelim icons done, and I'm trying to decide which ones to keep. I love the default one for the journal, and will probably do icons in that vein, but...I dunno.

I forgot just how difficult it is to set up a new style...kind of aggravating, really. I don't want to go to work tonight, but I have to. Need to call my car payment people and work something out, because a $15 check I wrote to my sister put me into sudden overdraft, and got me charged close to $50 all told in late fees and such, and while this means I could make my car payment, I would not be able to do nice things such as "buy gas" or "buy food."

So ...Ciao.
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Went shopping today with ancestor, at the dollar store, where everything, literally, is a dollar. I bought a lot of stuff, coming to almost $25 dollars, including some make up, chocolate, incense, a cricket house for Leslie, and Pixi Stix. We got some see-through drawers for me to put my clothes in, as well, but left those in the trunk of ancestor's car, so that Dennis didn't ask a bunch of questions, because he is an asshole. I told her she was being a total wimp about it, but my opinion doesn't matter.

Later, after Dennis went to work, ancestor handed me the keys to her car and told me to go get the drawers from the car. So I started walking.

I ouchied my foot. While walkin' along, ancestor bumped into me, making me trip and slam my pinky toe into the vacuum cleaner, which gave me some nice shooting pains through my toe. I screamed and raged, but what was done was done, and that was that.

I grabbed my stuff out of the back of her car and headed back into the house, where I put the drawers down and inspected the damage done, giving out another big shout at all the blood that was covering my toes, all originating with my pinky. The nail is split all the way to the bottom. I cleaned it up, then put a band-aid on it, which came off almost immediately as it moved the bit of clingy nail every time I walked.

So I took out a band-aid spot, and before putting it on, took a few pics of my injury. They are really gross, so click with caution. If you work with me, make sympathetic noises about my injury, because it will still hurt come Thursday. Yeow. I will be pulling it off within the next few weeks, I'm sure, as it catches on things. Bleh.

It angers me, because there's really just not much that I can do about it without a great deal more pain, and I am a total wimp about my feet. If this was on my finger, I would rip it off with no problem. If I had a big gash down the side of my head, I would put little butterfly closures on it and stall going to the hospital. But my foot? Oh, I want to baby the mofo.

I am such a weirdo.

Anyway, I folded a bunch of clothes and put them away, and all that jazz.

Lossite is at a stand still. I play, and even got into an SL, bit it's like...pointless. The major players in the SL just ignore the rest of us, doing whatever...usually boffing amongst each other, I think. It's kind of annoying. I know I play a low powered character (I'm not willing to diab everyone I meet to advance, so sue me), but that doesn't mean she's not interesting. *sighs* I should've known it'd be stupid when the only clan limited Disc is Quietus. Bah.

I think I shall scoot for now. Maybe I can use Oragel on my toe.

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Tonight at work was boring, until 12 am, when we went into queue. And stayed there. In the meantime, I drew three pictures.

The first is of a fairy, and it is fairly cut and dried, in that she is naked and has butterfly wings. I think she's terribly silly looking. I think I forgot to resize this. But here you go.

The second is of a little little lizard girl, who is awfully cute and junk. I know, I know, she looks goofy, but check that nasty ass tail, yo? Very um...whoever that chick is in that video game. Fuck, I can't remember. I'm just too tired.

Last but not least, I drew a picture of San. A little pudgier than San actually is, but I think still highly cute. It got many compliments at work, especially the caption. I really need a scanner. The image you see here is just about life size to the actual drawering.

My last 2 calls were 50 minutes, and 45 minutes, respectively. I hate it when people will NOT DO WHAT I ASK THEM TO. I don't care what you THINK I want you to do, do what I TELL you to do. Ugh.


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I am feeling weird this morning. So I post a picture of my desktop. See? It is so pretty. Love it.

Now I go sleep.

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Yeah was busy.

I am super irritated. It seems like everyone and their brother is asked to floorwalk but me. Yes, everyone and their BROTHER. I am woman, hear me roar.

I know more about computers than the majority of my fellow agents. I've taught Earl a thing or two about programs we use everyday, such as how to open a new window in IE without right clicking.

But for some strange reason, I am never asked to floorwalk, no matter how loudly I express my desire to do so. I am starting to think it might be because I am a chick, or look weird. It's the only thing I can come up with, as I'd hate to think that there is some kind of personality flaw I have that is preventing me. I KNOW what I'm dong, my calls and cases and quality reflects that...why won't they give me a chance?!

Ah well. Stupid EDS. I will be rid of you soon enough, by God.

I dyed my hair on Friday, with the help of Leslie. We also tried to shave Giest, but that didn't go well. Part of it is that Giest is very squirmy, part of it is that well...we really suck at cat shaving. Professional cat shavers will have to have at Giest, which will be a production. But the kitty DOES have a nice patch on her back where her hair is all short and a different color from the rest of her because it is very near to the skin. She is quite pissed about it. I will not leave my clothes out for a while where she might be able to pee on them.

Anyway, about my hair. It is now a stark black, to the point that it matches my eyelashes. I might put some red streaks through it, and then again, I might not. It is supposed to only last through 24 shampoos, but we will see how that works out. I might just go all out and put the purple stuff in it now, since that washes out after a while too, and would be gone by the time I got another job. It sounds like a plan.

Must take a picture of my eye make up for San. I am sending her a shirt that will get her hit on by little goth "bois." Or people who like cats. Really depends on what I do to this shirt, or how tight it ends up being. San, I need your size, and your address. Now!! Or I will pictures of my boobs to Adam, but not to you.

I am thinking of taking advantage of the free long distance that our work has in the break room, which is there for our convenience. We can call anywhere in the continental US, for sure. I don't know if we can call Canada, but I'm willin' to try. If anyone wants me to call them at 9:30 pm EST, drop me a line and I will tell you a day to be waiting by your phone to listen to me eat a Big Mac and talk in my half hick/half smooth commentator voice, while I interject Japanese, Latin, and nonsense words into my speech patterns for no good damned reason.

It is taking all my power not to do something drastic to keep my eyebrow from creeping up my face. It is worse than ever, giving me an expression of permanent "Yeah right"-ness that is apparently unsettling to some people, especially when I am listening to them talk about something that sounds outlandish. I can't help it if I look like I think you are lying. It's just my normal expression, a result of genetics. Leslie gets the same look, because ancestor gave us both the right eyebrows from hell. I will take a picture with something straight under my eyebrows so you can get a sense of just how high up it is above the other. Maybe I will take a picture of Leslie's, too, just for evidence to be used again later.

Reminder to self: death threats are only effective if you have evidence of prior follow through. Prior follow through is, unfortunately admissible in most courts, as there is no statute of limitations on murder. Therefore, simply look very serious about threats, and if necessary, kill their house plants while they sleep.

Spoke with a psychic today on the phone. No, I did not call them, they called ME. Okay, they called my work wanting help with their computer, but still, it is a nice story when just the first two lines are involved. Anyway, he ended up saying that if his computer is fixed he will give me a free reading, which is apparently a good thing, because he normally charges $100 an hour (I need in this business. Badly). The only problems here are thus: I didn't fix his PC, I ran him through a recovery after having over 45 minutes on the phone trying to get it to work right after he'd installed a webcam on it necessary to his business (he's a webcam psychic!). Second, I have no questions I really want answered. What would I ask? "When will I die?" I have a good idea. "Will I ever find love?" What a silly question. Of course I will. "Does my cat secretly hate me?" Well duh.

So really, I just have no idea. I am a Fate mage, and that tends to just take care of itself, whether I have fore knowledge or not. I really just have no idea what I'd ask. Maybe I would ask him how miserable the people who've pissed me off are, but I know that too. They're in a lot of fucking misery, is the answer.

So in the end, I would ask something dumb like "So about them lottery numbers? *cough*"

I think that sort of thing lands you in hell. I know that if I was psychic and this question was posed to me, I would be angry. I hate it when people ask me stupid shit just to be cute at the end of calls, such as today's humdinger (yes, I say humdinger) of an ending convo which went a little somethin' like dis: "Is there any other questions I can answer for you?" "Sure uh...what's the capitol of Norway? Har har har!!" "Oslo. Thank you for calling the New HP, you have a good night."

He sat on the line for a good 30 seconds, before finally hanging up.

My last call was over an hour long, where a guy got me back on the 900#. I will talk about it more later, back tooth with the cavity is disintegrating, and I need to go to bed, because it hurts like hell, and my eyes are swelling up from allergies. I HATE spring.

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